Studio Apartments Phoenix

Studio Apartments PhoenixWhen you’re looking for apartments for rent in Phoenix, you’ve probably taken a look at many different sizes and styles of apartments all over the city. Even though they may seem small, studio apartments Phoenix can be a great place to live.

Studio apartments, often called efficiency apartments, basically consist of one large room that contains the kitchen, living room, and bedroom all in one space and then an attached bathroom. These apartments usually are a little smaller, so a futon bed or a foldaway bed is the most obvious choice to save space and keep the room multifunctional.

Busy people who really don’t spend a lot of time at home often prefer studio apartments, Phoenix renters seem to love them. These studio apartments in the Phoenix area are ideal for students and those just beginning careers who do not have a lot of money to spend on housing, but who want to live within a short distance of Arizona State University or place of employment.

Studio apartments in Phoenix usually have amenities that are included in the apartment complex. Phoenix apartments will likely have facilities available to renters like a pool, gym, or sauna.

Although studio apartments Phoenix may seem small, there are several very easy ways to make them feel homey and comfortable. Unless you have found furnished apartments in Phoenix, you will need to purchase several pieces of furniture for your studio apartments. Phoenix has a number of great options for affordable furniture.

The most important piece of furniture is a sofa bed or futon. Foldaway beds are also a good option, but purchasing a sofa bed will be the most economical and space-efficient way to set up a living room and bedroom in Phoenix studio apartments. A small side table with a lamp next to the sofa can function as both a nightstand for an alarm clock and a place to set your drink while watching TV.

Other living room furniture should be kept as small as possible to keep from overcrowding studio apartments. Phoenix has a number of great shops where you can find a long dresser that would be ideal for storing clothes and it would also be the perfect height for your TV. A couple of foldable dorm-style chairs could add additional seating without taking up a lot of space. Furniture in Phoenix studio apartments should be as multifunctional as possible to keep clutter to a minimum.

Entertaining may seem like a challenge, but really it should not be any more difficult in studio apartments. Phoenix apartments offer spacious living areas, in fact, since the kitchen and living room share the same space, it is fairly simple. Set up trays of food on the counter tops, put a couple of throw pillows on the sofa bed, and turn on some music. Your friends don’t need a huge space to party, so you can entertain in even one of the smaller apartments for rent in Phoenix AZ.